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Plate placement question..

Publié : 15 Août 2012, 20:31
par Jesse
So I just scored a pair of new-old-stock Rollerblade Fusion 10k skates that I'll be mounting quad plates to. I have a couple of questions for you guys:

1. In terms of plate placement, what would be the best compromise between slalom and freeride? I see a lot of the slalom guys have more rearward mounts, whereas I understand forward placement is better for commuting/freeride. So perhaps a mid mount for my application?

2. Plate length. My boot is a size 27 (9 US). I was thinking around 155 or 160mm?

3. Is it still possible to source Diker or Lazer plates? As far as I know, they're not sold stateside. Somewhere on the internet, maybe?



Re: Plate placement question..

Publié : 15 Août 2012, 21:51
par wawa
Hi Jesse,

There's mainly 3 positions :
- on the rear : for dancers and rollerderby
- center mounted : polyvalent. Not as fast as forward placement to accelerate, but easier to use. I have centered plates for years, and I'm totally addict
- forward mounted : for jumpers. Better for accelerations, but less stable

If you're not familiar with forward mounted skates, I suggest that you use center.

About diker frames, the overall qualitiy is now really bad and shops have stopped saling it.
Lazer frames can be sent outside France I think, the best is to contact Hawaii Surf, who's the manufacturer :
You can also use Roll'Line frames, which are really good !

About the Fusion 10k, very good choice ;)
Hope it helps you to choose !


Re: Plate placement question..

Publié : 18 Août 2012, 19:10
par Jesse

Hey, great to hear from you. Do you mount all of your skates in the same place, or do you have different skates set up for different disciplines?

Re: Plate placement question..

Publié : 18 Août 2012, 20:26
par wawa
I personnaly use the same placement for all my skates. I'm used to it, I just change the boot or the wheels depending on the disciplin !