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I’m Hot Steppin’ Granny because I have 2 grandchildren and I roller dance.

I have been skating since I was 4 on and off – I will be 44 this September. I have seriously skated for the last 15 years and am still one of Britain’s best female dancers – the other being SkateLisa – my best friend
http://www.photobox.co.uk/shared/photo.html?c_album=1607710&photo=28215703&page=1&group= – pictured on the left.

I have a figure skating background and taught skating as a young teen. I worked at Roller City London (formerly Roller Express) until 1997 when it closed. I wrote the roller disco column for Skater Magazine, until it became Inline Skater Magazine and have appeared several times skating on British television. I am currently the moderator of the Roller Disco Forum at Canvas, our only U.K. roller skating nightclub. Where I dance every week.http://www.rollerdisco.info Our Roller Disco forum will be up and running shortly.

I am currently on a ‘Granny Mission’ to raise public awareness of English Roller Disco Dance and to encourage more people to take up the sport. I am an exceptionally well, known skater here in England.