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I finally made it through the registration process!
I have been sharing my Quad skate build design breakthroughs for fully optimized outdoor quads on the Web for several years at now skatelogforum.com, but this site is much more appealing to me, as the philosophy matches mine much better!

My ongoing project is to design and build outdoor quads that can fully handle ALL the problems of the outdoor world, and also match the performance inline skates as much as possible, while retaining all the other advantages of Quads. I build ALL my outdoor skates using GLUE MOUNTING technology.
I have skated outdoors 13 years on a Nike shoe glue mounted, without any failure. I prefer nylon plates. I am a weight weenie and want all my skates to be less than 1000 grams per foot! A great skate has no steel, except maybe in the bearings, and it should also do have some carbon fiber somewhere.

I reverse mount the plates on all my outdoor skates.

I post a LOT of pictures to illustrate my design ideas.

I am glad there is a section that lets me post in English.
Much more to come!