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@Hot Steppin’ Granny wrote:

In England, despite being the most skillful dancers, we are laughed at and looked down upon by the English public who have the attitude that roller skates are for children.

Hi Hot Steppin´Granny!
I´m french but live now in Germany, and here it´s the same: roller skates are here considered as « out of mode » and reserved to children or beginners. Most skaters just practice fitness with inliners and are not able to slide, jump, dance, or make slalom, but laugh at you when you´re on roller skates. That´s really hard when you´re beginner: you´re not encouraged to improve your level. Just among real skaters (dancers or slalomers for example) are quad skates estimated. You need a really good level to convince other inline-riders or non-riders that you´re a real skater. 😕