Répondre à : What are Puffas ?


I’m quite surprised to find that Personne as I do know that the Germans are into fitness in a big way. They do say though that everything comes back into fashion every 20 years or so. Just keep skating on your quads. If you skate with music – turn it up so you cannot hear people’s comments – this works for me 😀 You will get so much enjoyment from skating and much fitter as a result. Sooner or later your friends and family will notice the change in you and want to know what brought about the difference. Other people will also notice you skating about and start to ask questions – it’s great when you skate past children because they ask their parents for roller skates too – pretty soon – you will find that you will see more quad skaters about. Just keep at it and ignore other’s narrow attitudes – it only takes one to start a revoloution 😉 I have tried in-line skates – people do look at you differently when you wear them but I didn’t enjoy it much – they made me want to skate fast all the time and it was difficult to dance on them smoothly because I was limited to slalom and heel and toe moves only. My spell on in-lines improved my quad skating but I skate quad because I like it – it keeps me fit and makes me feel good. I believe a person should do what they enjoy. As long as you are not breaking the law, hurting yourself or others – nothing gives another person the right to laugh at another person because they are having a good time on their quad skates.