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Hi Hot Steppin´Granny!
I´m french but live now in Germany, and here it´s the same: roller skates are here considered as « out of mode » and reserved to children or beginners. Most skaters just practice fitness with inliners and are not able to slide, jump, dance, or make slalom, but laugh at you when you´re on roller skates. That´s really hard when you´re beginner: you´re not encouraged to improve your level. Just among real skaters (dancers or slalomers for example) are quad skates estimated. You need a really good level to convince other inline-riders or non-riders that you´re a real skater. 😕

Exactly! So I hide between the woodpushers. But this year I notice an upcoming interrest. I think especially the girls got an idea that you can wire some stylish (and comfortable) shoes on these devices instead of far-eastern plastic. Also funny wheels.