Répondre à : What are Puffas ?


Hah – they aren’t puffers – they are fluffy boot covers. Many ravers (club goers) are wearing them over here. I’ve made a fabulous flamingo pink pair and shall post a photo shortly. Am also planning to make a matching brassiere and in a set in orange too, to match my marshal’s uniform for the roller disco. I couldn’t help but smile this week-end in the park, on an autumn day in my huge bright pink furry skates. Jean Paul Gaultier would love them 😆

Ah – pom-poms – so 70’s. They wear them in the states with figure skates but they’re not popular over here in the U.K. I have recently purchased a pair of figure skates and am planning to attach some smaller pom-poms so they don’t get in the way of my dancing. Gotta change the wheels to match though. Well, I’m a girlie, we love fashion 😉