Répondre à : Can you spot the error in the picture?


I’ve noticed that Xavier. I have several theories:

1) Skating is an excellent way of compensating for the unfit practise of spending so much time on one’s derriere staring at a computer screen.

2) Street skating with music sharpens one’s senses making the skater’s brain function at a higher level therefore making them smarter – hence the need for I.T.

3) We are all control freaks – skating is a form of control – over self and surrounding – but with an element of danger – which the skater controls – a person also has total control over their computer.

I do find in England though that the in-liners seem to use I.T. way more than the quad skaters. I am one of a very few quad skaters who uses the Serpentine Road forum as a means of communication with other skaters – my friends tend to use e-mail or telephone or text messages.