Répondre à : Making some "Agressive" Quads


Hi Chris !!

For street skating, I’d recommend a hard boot.
I’ve juste tested last weekend in Madrid Powerslide Cell3 boot with a slalomon liner, and it was really great ! very light, nice looking, very comfortable… anyway, you can try remz boots, but it’s really fat and a little bit heavy (but I really like this fat style).
You can also try Fila Nighthawk boot, whiwh is the one I use with the wideboy frames.

about the frame, I can recommend you (but only available in France) lazers frames : they’re really precise and very light compared to other frames. But I often skate with Diker frames, and it’s really cool too.
if you want frame with wider trucks… hum… it’ll be very difficult to find nowadays !

About the wheels, some people (like Xavier) likes Hyper rollo, I prefer Kyrptonics route…


I you want a special pair for halfpipe, it’s another story. Hawaii Surf shop has got a special model called ‘Grinder’ for that, with big trucks and a plastic piece between the trucks.