Répondre à : Where to get plates?


From France, Hawaiisurf has models you can’t find elsewhere (Lazer, …) and is used to international shipping (http://www.hawaiisurf.com/). They are also very responsive by phone and on their forum.
From Netherlands, for wheels, bearings and trucks, you have: http://www.sickboards.nl/catalog/index.php
The shipping cost are very low for EU.

If you are looking for US plates (suregrip), have a look at:
http://www.supreme.dk :the site should change soon
and also:
http://www.rollergirl.ca : Lisa has all classic material for quads and vert quads. She has material you can’t easily buy elsewhere and she is used to international orders. I bought several times from her, and had everything 3-4 days later.

When you buy from Europe, directely in USA or Canada, the total cost is often lower for stuff that you can’t find easily in EU (local importer doesn’t care of your needs, dollar/euro rate).