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@zorg wrote:

Very cool video!!!! Are you still in touch with some of the quad skaters as Nelo, Bomberator (mainly vert), Julio Memba?

yes!! they are the Vert crew, I think Memba is not going to skate in vert anymore… he has problems with lesions 🙁 he was really amazing, but the crew is still alive!

Euh c moi ou y a vraiment si peu de voitures en Espagne?
je ne parle pa françois 😀 I can read some french but… I don’t understand this question 😥

il y a toujours de la résistance quad à Madrid

yes, Madrid is the main capital of quads in Spain 😀 there is a lot of people from the old and the new school that skate with quads.
I’m from the middle school, not old, not new 😀

quads must never die, thank you for this marvellous site 😀