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Merci beaucoup, again, for your extensive reply, neilime!
I’m in the lucky position that I’m much too old for my feet to still grow 🙂 and I could get a really expensive plate if I wanted to (like a Roll line Giotto, for example), but I’m not sure if I should. Do people say it’s much better than the Lazer? And do you mean this http://www.hawaiisurf.com/lazer-platine-complete-2005-p-2451.html Lazer plate?
I think I’ll just see if anyone knows anything about the Std plate I asked about in my second thread (somehow I like the way it looks – typical girl, me 😉 ) and then decide.
The two plates I have are both too long according to the table/picture you linked; they’re size 150 (the one on my artistic skates) and 155 (my Starways), so I really should get a new plate.
By the way, do you have basketball boots or artistic boots on your slalom skates? I find I have better control in my artistic boots (I do not tie them up to the top), but the Starway basketball shoes are much more comfortable, of course, and I can slalom okay in those, too.
Actually, I can only do two or three of the Kompakombo level two tricks, so really it just means I’ve mastered the basic level one tricks
😉 – I was just happy to find a site that doesn’t say I’m an absolute beginner anymore (English and German sites I’ve read expect you to be able to do many more and much more difficult tricks before you’re not a complete beginner anymore).