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Hey, thanks Mieszko, your post really cheered me up yesterday!! I’m going to answer your questions: @Mieszko wrote:

Damn !!!
who is the guy who mount your set up ?

Well, somebody I do slalom with, who takes particular care that every last tiny part of his (utterly superior, of course) inlines is 100% perfect before he himself skates :evil:. He even posts videos on all the brilliant improvements he made to his beloved Powerslide Evos. And no, abi, he doesn’t usually wear glasses, but I think he definitely SHOULD!
@Mieszko wrote:

If you’ve got some money, you’ve got 2 or 3 solutions :
3 – replace the shoes :/ and kill the guy who mount your skates.

😀 😀 😀 8) I’d love to choose this option, especially the last part.
No, seriously, thanks for all your ideas – I’ll think about what I’ll do with the boots. I’ve bought some Shoe Goo, because someone on the US forum recommended this and I saw his posts first (I couldn’t find liquid rubber in any small, reasonably cheap quantity here in Germany). If that won’t work, I might just toss the boots (or, more sensibly, try the ‘Dural’ sole solution), especially as I just had a very nice skate in my old Starway boots with some Crank straps added.
Oh, abi, this might not be visible in the pictures, but almost all of the holes are about four times the size of the screws, and the holes at the front of one of the boots are ‘double holes’ sitting right beside each other, forming big holes.