Répondre à : Dimensions des gommes


Good idea!! I had just measured my own Lazer bushings when I saw your topic.
regular quad bushings (http://www.kateskates.co.uk/productdetails.html?x5=2147377264&x1=2060188474&x2=2142577920&x3=2142577920):
Hauteur du cylindre: 14mm (purple)
Diamètre du cylindre: 25mm
Diamètre du canal central: 10mm (same for Doh-Dohs and Thunder skateboard bushings – they’re on my other skates, so I can’t measure their height and outer diametre right now)

The kateskates ones don’t fit on Lazers – I just tried.

I’ve also asked two online shops here – a longboard and a rollerskates shop – and will let you know what their answers are when I get them.