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Hi Nellie,

The Labeda Pro-Line and Powerdyne Reactor cushions seam to have the right shape to fit into Lazer plates. But without any infos about the dimensions, I wouldn’t take te risk to buy a set.
Have you got a picture of the plates you’re talking about in your post?

The thing is that if the outer diameter is smaller you can change the whashers, but the contact area with the truck will be reduced and therefore not very good.

The Khiro Barrel ones are, in my mind, the best that we can find till now.
I’m going to buy two double barrel sets and have them drilled by myself.
I’m not gonna change the bottom ones on my plates cause they are made of rubber and not hard plastic.
If you already have red bottom bushings on your plates, I would suggest you to buy Khiro ones and let them get drilled if you can’t do it yourself.

You also can wait until you get an aswer about the Labeda an Powerdyne ones or until I’ve made my own bushings custom so that you can get my feedback. It will probably be at the beginning of July.

Greg from http://www.blackkross.com also told me that the Khiro ones could be drilled and then would fit perfectly.

I hope that it helped you.

EDIT: No problem 😀
Tell me if you want me to translate the French Topic about bushings sizes.
LOL for http://www.longboardshop.de