Répondre à : Lazer red bushings/gommes


Cool, thanks for the pictures.
I see what you meant when you said that the kingpins are different.
Having seen that I think that it would be even more risky to take the Labeda or Powerdyne ones, because if the bottom bushing is too big in the center, you can’t do anyting to fix the problem.

I’m going to take a set of purple ones and a set of black ones, the two hardest actually. Or maybe the red ones instead of black, i’m not sure yet, but I want to be able to try different settings.
Anyway, I don’t trust the yellow color anymore!!! 😛 😆

I’m glad that it helped you and you’re very welcome. 😉

PS: I wonder how you can’t be unhappy with those plastic bushings. I feel so disappointed. 👿