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Well, I would go for the black or yellow ones, actually, if I ordered them, as I had 94a bushings in my old skates and was quite happy with them. The purple ones would probably be too hard for me. And I am not afraid of any colour 😀 . It’ll be great to read how you get on with all sorts of Khiros, though.
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PS: I wonder how you can’t be unhappy with those plastic bushings. I feel so disappointed. 👿

I can see what you mean. I was disappointed, too, when I unpacked my parcel from Hawaiisurf, because I hadn’t expected anything like that of a € 100 plate. The yellow bushings really feel like the plastic crap you get on toy skates or skateboards, and those definitely DO make axles break.
When I posted a picture of the yellow bushing on the American forum, someone said they looked exactly like cushions he had used in his CAR 😯 lol.
No, seriously, I don’t jump, and for slalom I need my axles to be fairly firm in order to learn to use my edges. I don’t think my trucks will break (or at least I hope they won’t), because I have the red bottom bushings. A lot of people on this forum skate this combination, and they’re probably heavier than me and do much crazier things with their skates.
Actually I think your axles won’t break, either, because the soft yellow gums that you have at the bottom are supposed to be really great (I read that in some post on here).
What kind of skating do you do on your Lazers?