Répondre à : Lazer red bushings/gommes


Hi Nellie,

Wow, good job, it’s amazing how well they fit!!!
That’s a really good news!!

I recieved the Khiro Barrel bushings (98A) and I’m trying to figure out how I’m gonna hold these round things to drill them!!
I already ruined 2 of them, GRRRR, :-p!! But luckily I have some spares!!

The Green color of your new bushings looks awsome, much better than the purple color of mine, I’m jealous. LoL

I’m very glad to now that these Venom bushings fit perfect (after being drilled in the center) and I can imagine how soft they feel after having used this plastic bullshit from Lazer.
I’m looking forward to reading your comments about those, with the screws adjusted!

I’ll leave some comments about mine as soon as I’ve managed to drill’em!!

Thanks so much for your post and have fun with those nice looking high quality bushings.