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Thanks. I am glad to find skaters who appreciate new ideas.

The carbon fiber laminated sheet is called Dragonplate. It is a birch core with three carbon layers on both faces in a tri-axial lay up (0-90-45 degree).

I use either 3/32″ (~2.5mm) or 1/8″ (~3mm) thick Dragonplate to increase contact area of plate to shoe. I seal the wood edges with super glue after final sanding.

As for bonding glue, I use black Shoe Goo brand urethane adhesive between the shoe soles and the carbon sheet (or direct to the wider style nylon plates). It will stick to metal too, but the metal surface must be fresh sanded immediately before glue is applied. The Shoe Goo urethane adhesive will shrink some on drying, so it is best to keep gaps at a minimum by clamping very well while it dries. Drying time is LONG and I use my nose to tell when it is done – residual fumes stink and indicate still not fully cured. Use a wet finger to smooth glue down after initial placement.

The carbon sheet-to-nylon plate joint is bonded with Gorilla brand Super Glue with added impact resistance and good tolerance for flex. This is very strong glue, but the gap must be a close/tight fit for max. strength. So once again, good clamping is important.
Some other lightweight (~1090 grams) skate PICs:

Another BB shoe build: