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Thanks for your answers!!
@abi wrote:

But i had the same problem on my SER plates : the tip of the truck wasn’t exactly fit in the plate. May you could check for your pivot pin or stop eating chocolate all day long.. 😆

abi, that seems to be exactly what’s wrong with my plate, the pivot pin is not completely in its cup. It moves out a bit when I tighten the trucks. How did you solve the problem with your SER plate?
I’ve been wondering if I should tighten my trucks differently (from the bottom end, as it’s done with most other plates, e.g. Ser Elites and Roll-lines)? But then a bit of the kingpin would stick out where the small retaining screw is.
Will it harm my plates if I leave them as they are?
They look like this at the moment:

As for cutting back on chocolate that’s not an option, I’m afraid 😉 , as I’d probably starve then.
@personne wrote:

I have the same problem with my Lazer : the pivot pin moves in his seat in the hanger. the seat of the pin has become wider. It comes from the bad quality of the material of the hanger.

The best solution would be riding Dickers or Roll Line plates…

Oh no, that sounds bad. I think my pin-seat cannot have become wider yet, though, as I have not used the plate for such a long time yet and I have always kept my trucks fairly tight ?! I hope it hasn’t anyway. Do your pivot cups and pin-seats get damaged from jumping or just ‘normal’ use as well?