Répondre à : Lazer platines & clicking sounds when jumping


@personne wrote:

Are your green bushing as tall as the stock lazer bushings ?

Yes, they are exactly as tall as the yellow Lazer bushings the plates came with.

@Xavier wrote:

Stop everybody, parts are missing !

😯 That really gave me a shock for a moment before I read on . . .
@Xavier wrote:

. . . this little « tube » (pin seat ?) is missing on your plates. So your truck is floating inside of the plate.

No, they aren’t. The pivot cups/pin seats are right there in my plates. It’s just that I pushed them in a bit when I cleaned the plates for the photos, and that’s why they’re not visible in the pictures. They’re definitely there!! You can see the one at the back axle of the skate in my second picture if you look really hard.
What got me a bit worried, though, is that they can be moved in and out a good 2 millimetres – I guess they should not move at all, right?