Répondre à : Cylinder cushions are OBSOLETE!


Your comment tells me that YOU HAVE NOT TRIED what I posted.

BTW, when I said « new » cone schemes I meant for use on quads, and I meant NEW WAYS of installing them.

If you use MEDIUM-FIRM with the upper hourglass and then even FIRMER (90A-100A) on the REVERSED bottom cones you do NOT loose much stability, and the rebound nearly doubles, along with the degree of sharpness that you can turn. How can this be possible? Because you end up cranking the adjustment down more and the reversed cone allows MORE URETHANE COMPRESSION. This allows the urethane to be working over a more energetic range of the urethanes compression limits, as the action turns. Despite being more compressed and firmer cushions, the turning remains more freed up than cylinders allow. With cylinders there is TOO MUCH AREA being compressed and the force on the truck ramps up TOO FAST as the truck swings. The reversed cone solves this issue, and because it can be firm, the centering can still be strong and stable.

I am rolling with a SG Super cone Red 92A hourglass (2 cones stacked point-to-point) above and REVERSED Red 92Acone below and my turns can go twice as sharp, rebound is double, and my FUN has quadrupled.

While you are welcome to your opinions and remaining stuck within the limits of cylinder cushions, me and my friends have recently produced some KICK-A$$ results on dozens of builds, even with JUST the four reversed RED 92A cones and nothing more. People who said this was not possible and then tried it could only say WOW, WOW, WOW!

Would I advise using Super Cones for flying down hills at 30+ miles per hour? No, that is not the point. But for slalom and fun carving they cannot be beat, and at $1US each here in the USA, there is no better value for upgrading your skates.

BEFORE with cylinders:

AFTER with REVERSED cones on bottom:


OUTDOOR BUILD- Nike Zoom Air BB shoe; Omega Plate; Ultimate 2 trucks; Purple 85A hourglass; Red 92A reversed cone: