Répondre à : Cylinder cushions are OBSOLETE!


@Mieszko wrote:

i’ll never give a try to this kind of setup.

how could you be reactive and aggressive with a smoothy setup ?

it could be good to turn around a round about or something round … i prefer to cross my legs, more style !!

but if you’re happy and satisfied with that cones, use it 😉

If you « never give a try to this kind of setup » then you will never know what you are missing out on.

For those who like to « carve » on tight arcs, this setup is outstanding.
It is NOT a « smoothy », it only TURNS like a smoothy. Everything else is sturdy and stable.

Comments from those who haven’t tried the reversed cone & hourglass setups are merely speculations. Not everyone may like the result, but don’t assume you can know what the result will be without skating it. It may surprise you.