Répondre à : Cylinder cushions are OBSOLETE!


@Xavier wrote:

You know, we skate with extra hard bushings here. And our skates do’t turn so much and we love that.

So you won’t convince skaters like Mieszko, even if you enjoy so much your new setup.

I used to have all NO TURNING skates too. Then I tweaked one pair to turn really easily without being LOOSE. Now I skate on only long wheelbase skates that turn very sharply and are still very stable at high speed too.
There may be more things to love than just hard bushings, but until you are willing to try them, you just won’t know what they are.

I have no problem with people NOT LIKING certain things, as long as they give them a fair try BEFORE telling me they don’t like them.
As Albert Einstein appropriately stated it:
« Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance »