Répondre à : 4 lazer coupelle superieure ?


@Nellie wrote:

they now charge € 35 for shipping anything…

Do they grease it before they stick it into you ?!?!
Fuckin’Hell !!
If you can send me the money on Paypal, then I can probably go to the shop and buy this for you and have it sent to you in Germany… foreign orders are still so much a hassle !!
Why do you need these cups for ?! Did you destroy them ??
Maybe you could think about some other spare parts I could buy for you in the same time, so you would have a few of different parts available in the future for your needs in repairing you skates (mainly thinking in trucks, kingpin… or bushings)
The four cups will easily fit in a padded envelopp… small carton box for bigger spare parts won’t be a problem either.
Just let me know.