Répondre à : 4 lazer coupelle superieure ?


@Golgoth-13 wrote:

If you can send me the money on Paypal, then I can probably go to the shop and buy this for you and have it sent to you in Germany…
The four cups will easily fit in a padded envelopp…

That would be soo very nice of you, thanks a lot for the offer!!
Of course I could Paypal the money. How much does it cost to send a small padded envelope (& cost of the envelope, of course)?
@Golgoth-13 wrote:

Why do you need these cups for ?! Did you destroy them ??

No, I didn’t :). I just want to be able to use normal cushions at the bottom (gomme inferieure?) instead of the Lazer ones but I still want to use the Lazer nuts (which require a larger hole in the washer) – the upper cup washers fit exactly, so I need another four of them.
I don’t think I’ll need any other parts soon – I hope not, at least.
It would be very cool if you could send me a PM with your Paypal address, and I’d be very, very grateful if you got me those four cup washers!!