Répondre à : 4 lazer coupelle superieure ?


. . . Lazer trucks with regular cushions at the bottom, thanks to Golgoth-13

(I used the new Sure-Grip cushions – 78a, originally yellow. They’re the same size as Khiro barrels)

To mark the occasion I also got new Venom upper bushings in 88a.
In order to make my pivot pins actually sit in their pivot cups as they should (which they had never done before), I cut the Venoms down about 1 mm – they are originally exactly the same height as Lazer cushions.
And finally I put some Blu-Tack into the pivot holes under the cups, so that these would meet the pivot pins and stop ‘rattling around’.

You can’t see the Blu-Tack, of course, but what you can see is this: my pivot cups no longer disappear into much too deep holes.

This is what I started out with:

Regular Lazer trucks & parts, except for the upper Venom bushing

Next I used some regular cushion cups I had, but I also had to use normal (heavy) nuts:

Everything worked fine, especially with the other modifications described above, but it looked a bit weird. I used old Variflex Clouds here – very soft. Because my pivot pins were eventually really sitting in their cups, the action felt much better, more direct somehow. I had one of my best nights at the rink with this set-up.

Sorry I’m only posting this now, but I have injured my foot and not been able to skate in a looong time.
And yes, we only own one drill bit – the size needed to mount skates 😉 .