Répondre à : Plate placement question..


Hi Jesse,

There’s mainly 3 positions :
– on the rear : for dancers and rollerderby
– center mounted : polyvalent. Not as fast as forward placement to accelerate, but easier to use. I have centered plates for years, and I’m totally addict
– forward mounted : for jumpers. Better for accelerations, but less stable

If you’re not familiar with forward mounted skates, I suggest that you use center.

About diker frames, the overall qualitiy is now really bad and shops have stopped saling it.
Lazer frames can be sent outside France I think, the best is to contact Hawaii Surf, who’s the manufacturer : http://www.hawaiisurf.com
You can also use Roll’Line frames, which are really good !

About the Fusion 10k, very good choice 😉
Hope it helps you to choose !