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    Hello my french friends!

    i am really interested in these running shoe skates that some of you wear.
    i really like the idea of a good comfortable shoe and the things you can do on them.

    i would like to get some skates like the ones in the Marco schizo video on your site. i dont want any toe stops (as i wouldnt really use it)

    can you tell me how i could buy some skates like this, or if anybody could make these skates for me?

    could somebody tell me what is the cost of these?



    to have skate like some of us you will need :
    Plates : between 45 & 175€ : fiberlite –> diker –> lazer (and many other)
    Basketball shoes : between 40 & 150€ the hardest to find
    Wheels : ~40€
    bearings : all that you want (a big Brand is better like SKF)

    some good links :
    how to have quad cheaper :

    how to make quad :
    and a lot of another good article on the site.

    And sorry for my english 🙂


    thank you g-catch !

    i already have some hockey quads, so i can probably transfer the wheels and bearings over (and i do not have to buy them again!)

    i would like to get some plates that don’t have the toe stop (i would be scared of tripping over it) and anyway i would want to learn how to slide stop instead.

    i am looking for a nice running shoe (i am size 42) that can be put onto one of those plates.

    do you know who can make them for me (i am in england)?

    i like the idea of the skates for 100 euro. can they still be done?

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