Diker sizes

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    Hi everyone,
    I’ve got another question:
    Are Diker and Lazer plate sizes the same with regard to wheelbase – I mean is the axle distance on e.g. a size 15 Diker the same as on a T3 Lazer or a size 150 Roll-Line?
    Are Diker sizes really the centimetres from centre of front axle to centre of back axle or are they longer, like some American plates, because the size is the distance between axles?
    Thank you very much in advance!!



    It is almost like Lazer and RollLine. Différence is about may be few millimeters but bit more.



    Thank you, Xavier! So a Diker’s axle distance is not almost a centimetre longer than a Lazer or Roll-Line of the same size?



    Lazer size weird sometimes because the construction process is not as good as it was. And I think Diker size well, like Roll Line.

    So normally, you should have :
    – Diker 15 = Lazer T3 = Roll Line 150,
    – Diker 16 = Lazer T4 = Roll Line 160,
    – …

4 sujets de 1 à 4 (sur un total de 4)
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