Making some "Agressive" Quads

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    Guys, I need your help

    My current skates are an ice figure skating boot on a short (150mm) Diker frame with Sims wheels, which are fabulous for dancing in

    However, all the slides I’ve been doing, and all the rocking and jumping onto kerbs, is completely destroying the leather of the boot, the hangers, the rubbers and ripping my expensive, soft, wheels to shreds

    So I intend to make myself a pair of quads for sliding and jumping in (may eventually use them for vert, but probably not because I’m scared)

    The primary requirement is that they have hard wheels, a jump bar, and preferably, slightly wider trucks

    My questions are these:

    • Which wheels would you recommed? Harder than Sims so that they slide more easily and get worn away less.
    • What sort of boot would you recommed? I’m intending to slide flat, as well as on two wheels (like Wawa), so something with enough ankle support that I can get the skate over at 45°, but low enough that I can get them sliding on all four wheels
    • What sort of plate? Something with a jump bar, so I stop hitting the kingpins and hangers. Something perhaps a little wider than the Diker so that it’s more stable sliding flat. Although I’m not sure about that as it’d make the Wawa-style slides more tricky

    Anyway, what would you guys recommed?


    @Chris wrote:

    Anyway, what would you guys recommed?

    That you visit a good Psychiatrist 🙄

    Sorry Chris, couldn’t resist it. If all else fails ask Brian Cornelewes or Andy Critchlow. I am not sure how to contact the latter – Norman Silver may know. Andy builds vert ramps and courses which he skates sidesurf on his quads with skateboard trucks. Rollerskater Dave is also supremely knowledgeable on skate construction.


    Hi Chris !!

    For street skating, I’d recommend a hard boot.
    I’ve juste tested last weekend in Madrid Powerslide Cell3 boot with a slalomon liner, and it was really great ! very light, nice looking, very comfortable… anyway, you can try remz boots, but it’s really fat and a little bit heavy (but I really like this fat style).
    You can also try Fila Nighthawk boot, whiwh is the one I use with the wideboy frames.

    about the frame, I can recommend you (but only available in France) lazers frames : they’re really precise and very light compared to other frames. But I often skate with Diker frames, and it’s really cool too.
    if you want frame with wider trucks… hum… it’ll be very difficult to find nowadays !

    About the wheels, some people (like Xavier) likes Hyper rollo, I prefer Kyrptonics route…


    I you want a special pair for halfpipe, it’s another story. Hawaii Surf shop has got a special model called ‘Grinder’ for that, with big trucks and a plastic piece between the trucks.


    Cheers wawa,

    I’ve got Diker frames on my dance boots, I may begin by using an old set to see how it goes

    What’s your opinion of Luc’s monolithh frame? Phil and BigSteev were telling me about them the other day, I’m not sure how much I’d like the lack of any flex in the trucks though.

    As for the Lazers, do you find that you damage the hangers at all? The problem with my diker frames is that every time I stall on a kerb, the hangers get eaten away, and so do the cushions.

    They’re not really for halfpipe (at least not yet), they’re more for slides and stalls, maybe some jumping, I’m not sure.


    Hi Chris,
    Sorry I didn’t see your post before, I was away from the web.
    If you want to make your ramp skate yourself with skate board trucks, you have a nice description on:
    and also here (mine)
    In both cases, the tools required are only a hacksaw and a driller. The main problem is to find 4 skate trucks at a good price.
    If you want less work, you can get the plates with wide trucks and a grinding plate (or the skates complete) from Lisa at
    She is very efficient, I bought my wheels/bearings from her and they were delivered 4 days later in France.
    Have also a look at
    The grinder plates from Hawaiisurf could be a solution too.

    For the wheels choice, the harder is the faster, for smooth riding surfaces, For bigger ramp I prefer wide trucks and wide wheels. The diameter increases the weight for wheels without an internal core, I like 64mm
    If you need more practical details, don’t hesitate to contact me.
    You can also find info/video/ask on

    I tried the Lazer on ramp: the frame has too much flex and the trucks are not wide enough + any grinding damages the plate/hangers and removes the unlimitted waranty…..

    Toward the coping and beyond!!!

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