Making your own skates from training shoes

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    I have noticed that many French high jump skaters prefer training shoes, like Adidas or Reebok to skate in. Why is that? I have always been curious to know. I ask because we used to use trainers for speed skates but only for that purpose.


    In fact we use basket ball shoes and only new ones !

    I that comes from the fact that at the beginning, there was no other shoes available to do quad skating !

    Basket ball shoes are high, so your feet and your ankles are tightened.

    It is also conformatable and easy to mount on plates !

    You also have a feeling of freedom. Because you ride with « classic » shoes, the ones you can wear in the street. So you only have the plates more !
    It is fantastic

    We also use soccer shoes for speed quad skating

    Did i answer to your question ?


    Thank you Xavier – I understand the origin of the practise now. I must admit, that I haven’t seen anyone skating on basketball boots but then I’m at least 10 years older than you and associate canvas and rubber type sneakers (real old school shoes) with basket ball boots. Mind you, I think basket ball boots for the modern skater would probably equate to high top leather sneakers.

    I concede they must be really comfortable to skate in but do they provide sufficient protection for your ankles and feet when you land?


    Exactly !

    NB : you’re right, we don’t use canvas like old Chuck Daily converse !


    I must be getting old – even Converse were before my time 😳 I’m talking vulcanised rubber soles, noir et blanc et fabrique en Chine

    What is the injury rate amongst your skaters or is there none?


    Injury ?

    Most of the time, there is no injury !

    When there is injury, it is pretty bad : broken wrist, broken leg, …

    But it don’t happen very often !


    My formular is: to wear the shoes I’ll would wear anyway.

    So if I like to jump stairs, riding walls and things I’ll wear some trainers and not a pair of high-heels. If I like to dance some classic artistic rollerskateboots (with high-heels) may be good. Urban rollerskating is a lot like skateboarding. Never saw a woodpusher wearing cowboyboots.


    @Hot Steppin’ Granny wrote:

    I must be getting old – even Converse were before my time 😳 I’m talking vulcanised rubber soles, noir et blanc et fabrique en Chine

    What is the injury rate amongst your skaters or is there none?

    Dear Granny, even canvas are not a problem when using plates like the ol’ ACS Skatemates. Sure canvas are a little bit to weak and won’t stand it for long. One of the main problems I learned togehter with ‘conventional’ shoes is that they aren’t made to stand that much sidely pressure you produce on quads. They get worn out – become wide and weak.

    (Clones of Skatemates are still produced. These are Made in Germany)


    LOL !!!!

    Harald, you’re my man !

    You also are totally right about shoes and urban skating


    My actual shoes I accidentely found in a shop for hiphop-supply. Some Fubu CE 5544. The soul is totaly flat and has nearly no profile. The velco-strap is also nice.

    The wheels are longboard wheels from Abec 11 (66+70×45 mm/78A).
    The plates came with some skates from Skechers. They are just stabil. I made them up a little bit with cushions from Roll-line.


    I remember seeing as video where Hakim was on the metro he then flew out of the train and skated all the way to the eiffel tower. What quads was he waering in that? Did he make those?

    I would like to make some with basketball shoes that I could use for streetskates. Would they be comfortable enough to use for that?


    Hakim had some quadskates with basketball shoes from reebok.
    Every pair of our quadskates are made by our own small little sweet hands.

    We buy a pair of shoes in a sport shop. Then we do holes in the sole and plates under.

    Basketball shoes are very conformtable and actually the best choice for an outdoor pair of quadskates.

    If you need help to mount it, we did an article about this. It is in Franch, but may be we can translate it !

    Here is the link :


    Are they good for streetskates though?
    Also, are you able to slalom with them?

    It would probably be good if you could translate it. as I need to know how you get the alignment of the shoes correct. and what coes between the shoes and the plate.

    No doubt I have countless other questions, but that will do for now. 😆


    You could use the Google language translator
    to get a loose translation.


    If Xavier is OK with hosting a translated version, I’ll try and make one later this week.

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