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    So I just scored a pair of new-old-stock Rollerblade Fusion 10k skates that I’ll be mounting quad plates to. I have a couple of questions for you guys:

    1. In terms of plate placement, what would be the best compromise between slalom and freeride? I see a lot of the slalom guys have more rearward mounts, whereas I understand forward placement is better for commuting/freeride. So perhaps a mid mount for my application?

    2. Plate length. My boot is a size 27 (9 US). I was thinking around 155 or 160mm?

    3. Is it still possible to source Diker or Lazer plates? As far as I know, they’re not sold stateside. Somewhere on the internet, maybe?




    Hi Jesse,

    There’s mainly 3 positions :
    – on the rear : for dancers and rollerderby
    – center mounted : polyvalent. Not as fast as forward placement to accelerate, but easier to use. I have centered plates for years, and I’m totally addict
    – forward mounted : for jumpers. Better for accelerations, but less stable

    If you’re not familiar with forward mounted skates, I suggest that you use center.

    About diker frames, the overall qualitiy is now really bad and shops have stopped saling it.
    Lazer frames can be sent outside France I think, the best is to contact Hawaii Surf, who’s the manufacturer :
    You can also use Roll’Line frames, which are really good !

    About the Fusion 10k, very good choice 😉
    Hope it helps you to choose !




    Hey, great to hear from you. Do you mount all of your skates in the same place, or do you have different skates set up for different disciplines?


    I personnaly use the same placement for all my skates. I’m used to it, I just change the boot or the wheels depending on the disciplin !

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