Powerslide C8 – DH

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    This is my special setup for downhill
    The boot was designed for inline skating but… so lightweight, so good control, so good fit… I had to try it on quads!!!!!
    The problem is that is too hard in the heel and hurts 🙁 I have to heatmould it and try again, by now it’s a prototype. If it doesn’t work, I will have to change 🙁

    Toy trucks 70mm trucks, I will change them by Tracker ones on the same wide

    Chasis: Alu plate of 6mm with bends to make it stiffer

    Bearings powerslide ilq9

    Wheels abec11 gumballs 76mm 78A, smooth riding, good grip and predictable slides. (for sure, very heavy for high jumping :))

    I have to improve a bit this proto but… it looks nice, isn’t it? 🙂

    Powerslide C8 – DH Quads

    I’m sorry for not speaking french 🙁 I can only speak spanish and castellano (That is the same language 🙂 )


    Very nice setup Mr Inside, really cool!!!! The boots seems to have successfully pass some crash test! 😉 Do you know their weight?
    Hey, did you try vert riding with them?
    Do you know Bomberator and the other vert spanish quaders from Madrid?

    Cool ridings from Paris!!!


    Walid told me about this custom.
    Absolutely amazing !!!!


    Very impressive!!


    Victor, you’re my hero :):)


    really very sympathetic like assembly cheer!!! the shoe has the quite rigid and the whole has the air strapping man…


    Yes. Very cool skates ❗


    yes! of course I know the Vert Crew from Madrid. All of them are really nice people to skate with and I want to show them this quads to test it on vert (with smaller wheels)

    The weight of the boot with inline frame and wheels is 1100g but I don’t know the weight of the boot only 🙁
    For sure, this skate would be really nice for high jumping with smaller wheels and smaller trucks distance (by now I use 200mm!!)

    Thanks to all of you for your comments.

    Anyway, don’t shout victory by now, I have to see if I can solve the pains in the heel. With more time, I will show photos of the whole construction and maybe a video of me skating on them 🙂

    regards, vik

8 sujets de 1 à 8 (sur un total de 8)
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