Rink hockey boots (for slalom)?

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    Have any of you ever mounted rink hockey boots,
    like for example these ,
    on your plates? And if so, could you do slalom in them?
    I am asking, because I’ve now ordered a Lazer plate from Hawaiisurf to make myself new slalom quads. I am wondering if rink hockey boots would give me enough support and precision/reactivity for slalom and also if they’d be terribly uncomfortable and heavy? I simply like it that they are not as high as artistic boots – they look as if they’d give me bit more freedom to bend my legs.
    My alternative would be Risport Etoile boots (http://www.hawaiisurf.com/risport-chaussure-etoile-intp-p-002134.html).
    Where I live I cannot try on any hockey boots, so I’d be very grateful for any answers & experiences you can relate.


    Ok, I’m going to answer my own question in case anyone else is interested:
    I’ve gone to a specialized quad shop and tried on some hockey boots. For me they seemed too wide to get good control for slalom, but it might be different for guys (with broader feet). They’re also heavier than artistic boots, but definitely more comfortable.

2 sujets de 1 à 2 (sur un total de 2)
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