slalom set-up?

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    Hi, I’m so happy you have an English forum where I can ask this 🙂 . I’ve been sorry that I’ve never learned French ever since I realised that you’ve got the best quad websites and the coolest slalom skaters. I’ve seen many videos of French skaters doing great slalom on quads, so you must be the right people to ask about a good slalom set-up (I did read the google-translated versions of 100% Quad articles, but could not find any advice on bushings:
    I’ve been trying to learn slalom for some months, together with some people who are all on inlines (no-one uses quads here :() – and MUCH better than me. I’ve learned the basics, but found that I can only do most tricks in a line with 120 cm spacing (e.g. criss-cross, fish, snake). Whenever I find a trick difficult to do, I start wondering if it’s the quads or me, e.g. I wonder if it’s possible to do the forward turns in a grapevine with all wheels on the ground on quads.
    My skates are a pair of cheapish artistic skates and a pair of Starway trainer quads that I’ve had for 7 years, both with very loose trucks and soft bushings. I am wondering if I should tighten the trucks and use harder bushings, and then use the edges of my wheels more?
    My plates are the regular length for my boots (the way I bought them), so I’m also wondering if I have to get shorter plates even though my feet aren’t very large (size 39)?

    I’d really appreciate any tips or information you can give me!! Merci!!



    Hi Nellie and welcome home !
    There are few quadskaters on the forum who do slalom. I’m sure they can help you.
    But they are a little bit shy, so feel free to post again in order to wake them up !



    Hello Nellie, I’m sorry but I don’t practice slalom! So I can’t help you for your technicals questions! 😥
    I know, I didn’t « push the train forward » but I wanted to welcome you too!



    Thank you very much for your welcomes!! Well, I’ll just wait – maybe someone will answer 🙂 .



    Neilime and Walid are two slalomers.
    May be they can help you.



    I’m very busy actually so i didn’t had time to answer.

    After the 31th i will try to find a few minutes for my point of view about slalom in Quad and the pair i use.

    ps: sorry i’m can’t write very well in english 😉



    @neilime wrote:

    I’m very busy actually so i didn’t had time to answer.

    After the 31th i will try to find a few minutes for my point of view about slalom in Quad and the pair i use.

    I’m looking forward to that. Thanks in advance!!!

    @neilime wrote:

    ps: sorry i’m can’t write very well in english 😉

    Never mind!! I’m very happy that you’re replying to my question at all!!



    I think there are 2 things in your question:
    1) Which set-up for slalom?
    2) Why can I only use 1,20m space lines?

    1) In slalom you need maniability so a short plate is better. I think most of the quad slalom skaters use short plate with a rear position (the plate at the bottom of the shoes) because it’s more stable.
    But quad is not like in-line, I personnaly use short plate but not in a rear position. I prefer forward position. And a middle position is a good idea too.

    You must do what you feel the more correspondant to you way of skating.

    A little question: Do you only use your quad for slalom or in th every day life? If it’s the second choice, remember that a short plate is not good for top speed (for example).

    With the size of your feet it will be hard to find short plate but you can use this picture to find if your plate si good or too long (or too short).

    2) You can do the same tricks as in-line skaters and you can do tricks that in-line skaters can’t.
    But it’s harder for some and easier for others.
    The 1,20m spacing line is easier to begin with. But with a crazy for example it’s easier in a 0,50m spacing line.
    Whatever I think training in a 0,80m spacing line is a good choice because it’s actualy the more used.
    With training you will do it.

    There you can find a very complete website (but only in french) in which many tricks are explained with text & video. It’s in-line skating but the movement of the trick is always the same.

    ps: if i’m hard to understand we can speak by PM so i can try with other words ^^



    Thank you very much for taking the time to answer in such detail, neilime!!
    So am I right in thinking that I should get a size 140 plate (I think I might get size 38 boots for skating, actually, my mondopoint is something like 255)? Which plate would you recommend, actually?
    And do you set your trucks tight and use hard bushings (=gommes?) or are they loose and with soft bushings? I find that with my soft bushings my skates are very flexible and manoeuvrable, but I cannot use my edges at all.
    I’ve got two pairs of skates, so I think I’d keep the long plate on my Starways for regular (long distance) skating, b.t.w..
    Yes, I do the Crazy in a 50cm line, and can just about manage the Stroll in an 80cm line. I’m on Kompakombo level two (so not very good).
    Again, merci beaucoup!!



    I like my bushings middle but trucks tights. i hate when the trucks turn right ou left depending of weight repartition on the foot.
    And so i can use the edge (but i’m bad, i need a lot of training 😕 )

    140 seems to be good (135 if you want a plate very short).

    Which plate is a good question…
    I like the Lazer (for you a T2 size).
    At my beginning i had a diker « escuela ». i don’t know if the « artistic » as the same bushings but it was too soft for me so i prefer lazer.
    I never had a roll’line but it is said to be very good plates (as Xavier said in your second topic).
    The price can help you make your décision.
    (and if are young & your feet are actually growing don’t necessary buy the best, it could be too short in a near futur)

    If you have small budget, stay in a Starway or in a diker (with my preference for diker)
    If you can afford a lazer it’s a really good choice (my favorite)
    If you can buy what you want, then try a roll’line (and give us back your feelings 😉 )

    In any case, it’s not the plate nor the quad which makes the skater 🙂 , so whatever your choice you can learn slalom (for a high level the plate could be really important)

    ps: I don’t have any idea of my kompakombo level 😆 😆 . but level 2 is already great. (i will go & see 😉 )



    Merci beaucoup, again, for your extensive reply, neilime!
    I’m in the lucky position that I’m much too old for my feet to still grow 🙂 and I could get a really expensive plate if I wanted to (like a Roll line Giotto, for example), but I’m not sure if I should. Do people say it’s much better than the Lazer? And do you mean this Lazer plate?
    I think I’ll just see if anyone knows anything about the Std plate I asked about in my second thread (somehow I like the way it looks – typical girl, me 😉 ) and then decide.
    The two plates I have are both too long according to the table/picture you linked; they’re size 150 (the one on my artistic skates) and 155 (my Starways), so I really should get a new plate.
    By the way, do you have basketball boots or artistic boots on your slalom skates? I find I have better control in my artistic boots (I do not tie them up to the top), but the Starway basketball shoes are much more comfortable, of course, and I can slalom okay in those, too.
    Actually, I can only do two or three of the Kompakombo level two tricks, so really it just means I’ve mastered the basic level one tricks
    😉 – I was just happy to find a site that doesn’t say I’m an absolute beginner anymore (English and German sites I’ve read expect you to be able to do many more and much more difficult tricks before you’re not a complete beginner anymore).



    yes the lazer is the plate you show in the link.

    I use basketball shoes. it’s indeed very comfortable, but artistic boots or in-line boots are much more acurate (i’ve never try artistic but it’s said to be)

    Sorry but i have no idea concerning the roll’line & std plates.



    Thank you very much, again, neilime. I really appreciate it that you took the time to answer all my questions!! I’ve posted my question about the plates on the English language forums, too, and I’ll just wait and see if anyone knows the Std ones. If not, I’ll probably get the Lazer plate you recommended or a Giotto – and until then I’ll just practise with the skates I have – at the moment it’s snowing here, though 😕 .



    From what I have read, you can’t go wrong with a Lazer 😉



    @Nellie wrote:

    I’d really appreciate any tips or information you can give me!! Merci!!

    Hi Nellie,

    For me it’s better to have a small plate in a center position.
    Starway quadsktes have big plates, and it’s not designed for slalom (or not the way we want to slalom).

    Lazer frames are really great (but you have to find it…), and diker frames are ok.
    In both cases, you’ll have to tighten the trucks (it depends exactly what you want to do, but too tight makes some tricks difficult).

    I personnaly use old Fila Inlineskates boots and Lazer Millenium frames.

    Hope it helps!


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