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    I’ve got one more question: Has anyone got any experience with Std products, especially their ‘platines’? I found this one on the Hawaii Surf site and am wondering if it would be any good:
    Happy New Year 🙂


    It looks like a pair of Roll lines plates !
    The only thing I know is that Rollline are incredibles plates.

    But Std products … may be just a copy …


    Thanks for your reply, Xavier!! Hm, now the question is . . . are they a good copy?
    I’ve also been looking at the Roll line Giotto and Variant M plates (the Energy is a bit too expensive for me :wink:). Would you recommend it, or would something like a Lazer plate be just as good for my purposes (slalom and normal skating like on nightskates – I don’t do highjumps or speed skating)?

3 sujets de 1 à 3 (sur un total de 3)
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