Use a Semi-DA cushion scheme to dramatically improve turning

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    I skate mainly outdoors (when weather allows), and indoors only in winter, when I take indoor quad speed classes. I prefer SA (single action) nylon plates, because I feel that their taller upper cushions with the SA design give better vibration cushioning. However, I do not like how most plates handle the interface between the no-cushion lower side of the truck and the lower kingpin end’s nut or hex head. They just use various types of rigid or hard rubber flat washers against the bottom side of the truck, and these often restrict the free motion of the truck’s action more than they should.

    With the recent introduction of the Sure Grip line of Super Cushions made from premium high rebound urethane in four translucent colors & firmness levels (72A Blue; 79A Yellow; 85A Purple; 92A Red), I have been experimenting with ways to improve the turn response of BOTH SA and DA plates. I call this new scheme the « Semi-DA » cushion setup. It involves using whatever soft cylinders or cone upper cushions work best for your plate and skating style, and then installing an inverted & FIRM Super Cushion cone (or half cone) on the lower side of the trucks. The cone is oriented with the small point end against the truck. I have found the Red 92a or Purple 85A work best, and the idea is for the cone to be firmer than the upper cylinder (or upper cone combo)
    When the truck is dome shaped on the bottom and the kingpin length is limited, I will cut the cone in half by mounting on a spare kingpin with a nut and then chucking this mandrel in a hand drill. It is then fairly easy to use a hacksaw to cut through the spinning cushion, as long as the drill rotated in correct direction to keep nut tight.

    Here are some PICs of various assemblies with different truck and plate combos:

    Laser Sliders (carbon sheet glue mounted to Reynolds Lites skate shoes); indoor speed build – 1080 grams


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