What are Puffas ?

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    Well, being a lady who doesn’t break her promises, I submit below some links for your delectation. You’ll also see the difference. Real puffers have foam rubber inside them like cushions – making them ‘puffy’. Anything else is considered a pale imitation and can only be classified as skate or boot covers.

    These are boot covers. They are mainly for night clubbing /raving and can also be classified as boot warmers, boppitz or fluffies:


    This is the real McCoy – puffers (which is an acronym for ankle puffs):


    Yes, there is a skate underneath them.


    Real difficult to skate in though as the pile is a bit long, so I’m gonna modify the design.

    As our roller disco is a night club, we often get camera crews and photographers in there. We also get club promoters there too. Many of our best skaters are getting paid to dance in night clubs. This has meant that the skate fashions amongst our ‘roller elite’ has become a bit more avant garde. Each of us has a distinctive dress style: for exaxmple: Paul and Delicia, red and black, Selvyn and Scary Mary, black and white and then there’s me!!!! 😆 🙄 😉

    As a general rule of thumb we don’t dress better than we can skate. That’s why our best skaters are so distinctively dressed.


    really really very ugly these these socks y of such as socks assembled anything I usqu’ to the knees, style the Seventies 😉


    @Hot Steppin’ Granny wrote:

    In England, despite being the most skillful dancers, we are laughed at and looked down upon by the English public who have the attitude that roller skates are for children. I have skated in Paris many times, where I get applauded for my dance skills – what a difference.

    @Hot Steppin’ Granny wrote:

    it seems we are despised by our public and hated by drivers, in-line skaters and pedestrians alike. This is so sad.

    😥 uncool

3 sujets de 16 à 18 (sur un total de 18)
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