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    It could be a pleasure for everybody to know you a little bit more, so … if you can introduce yourself here, let’s do it !!!



    I’m RollerSkater Dave, the webmaster at Quadskating.com. I live in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. I’m basically a street skater but try to get to the vert ramp whenever I get a chance.

    Skates – Bauer goalie boots
    – Sure-Grip Probe plates
    – Bauer Oak Street trucks
    – Powell Bones 65mm 85A wheels



    I’m Hot Steppin’ Granny because I have 2 grandchildren and I roller dance.

    I have been skating since I was 4 on and off – I will be 44 this September. I have seriously skated for the last 15 years and am still one of Britain’s best female dancers – the other being SkateLisa – my best friend
    http://www.photobox.co.uk/shared/photo.html?c_album=1607710&photo=28215703&page=1&group= – pictured on the left.

    I have a figure skating background and taught skating as a young teen. I worked at Roller City London (formerly Roller Express) until 1997 when it closed. I wrote the roller disco column for Skater Magazine, until it became Inline Skater Magazine and have appeared several times skating on British television. I am currently the moderator of the Roller Disco Forum at Canvas, our only U.K. roller skating nightclub. Where I dance every week.http://www.rollerdisco.info Our Roller Disco forum will be up and running shortly.

    I am currently on a ‘Granny Mission’ to raise public awareness of English Roller Disco Dance and to encourage more people to take up the sport. I am an exceptionally well, known skater here in England.


    grias eich buama!

    je m´apelle ray. je suis un patineur autrichien.

    i´ve been skating since i passed a weekend at paris back in 1994 together with my brother. after we spent an afternoon at trocadero watching the slalomers we just had to build some quads back home …

    as there are hardly any quad skaters in austria i´was really happy to enjoy a platform like rollerfr for practical information and inspiration in the last years. it´s quite hard to figure out everything youself ;c). thanx a lot for your effort!

    ray, l´autre chien 8)


    Hey, I’m Daveo. I’m from Oz originally and have moved to London.

    I was originally a speed skater on quads since ’91, but I then moved to inlines because you couldn’t get them ANYWHERE in Australlia. I’m keen to get back to quad skating and perhaps roller disco, and if its possible use quads for everything, dancing, agro, street, slalom, etc.

    I don’t mind inlines but I find you have more control with quads and look forward to purchasing some again.


    Welcom Daveo! I’d have only one word: »quad powa all over the world! » 😆


    Welcome Daveo. Enjoy our website. If you don’t speak french, articles will be totally useless. But we have some videos and pictures you might like.

    See U


    @Xavier wrote:

    Welcome Daveo. Enjoy our website. If you don’t speak french, articles will be totally useless. But we have some videos and pictures you might like.

    See U

    Je parler francias, I understand French, but don’t speak it as well as you do.


    Bonjour !
    Je suis ThéMonstre 😳 eh, I’m in English part of forum 😆
    I’m a novice at quads, but I can skating lineally (or almost lineally lol) and a bit of other things. Still I have to know lots of things about quads and I’m going to explore your forum and … you ! hehehe
    à bientôt!


    If you want to introduce yourself, but in french this time :


    yes, maybe I will try to write something there (didn’t find that topic at first time)
    I don’t know French yet (i hope, yet 😉 )as much as I know English, that’s why I’m in this part of forum too


    I finally made it through the registration process!
    I have been sharing my Quad skate build design breakthroughs for fully optimized outdoor quads on the Web for several years at now skatelogforum.com, but this site is much more appealing to me, as the philosophy matches mine much better!

    My ongoing project is to design and build outdoor quads that can fully handle ALL the problems of the outdoor world, and also match the performance inline skates as much as possible, while retaining all the other advantages of Quads. I build ALL my outdoor skates using GLUE MOUNTING technology.
    I have skated outdoors 13 years on a Nike shoe glue mounted, without any failure. I prefer nylon plates. I am a weight weenie and want all my skates to be less than 1000 grams per foot! A great skate has no steel, except maybe in the bearings, and it should also do have some carbon fiber somewhere.

    I reverse mount the plates on all my outdoor skates.

    I post a LOT of pictures to illustrate my design ideas.

    I am glad there is a section that lets me post in English.
    Much more to come!


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