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Hi Chris,
Sorry I didn’t see your post before, I was away from the web.
If you want to make your ramp skate yourself with skate board trucks, you have a nice description on:
and also here (mine)
In both cases, the tools required are only a hacksaw and a driller. The main problem is to find 4 skate trucks at a good price.
If you want less work, you can get the plates with wide trucks and a grinding plate (or the skates complete) from Lisa at
She is very efficient, I bought my wheels/bearings from her and they were delivered 4 days later in France.
Have also a look at http://www.vskate.com/.
The grinder plates from Hawaiisurf could be a solution too.

For the wheels choice, the harder is the faster, for smooth riding surfaces, For bigger ramp I prefer wide trucks and wide wheels. The diameter increases the weight for wheels without an internal core, I like 64mm
If you need more practical details, don’t hesitate to contact me.
You can also find info/video/ask on http://www.adinfinitum.de/Rollerskate/

I tried the Lazer on ramp: the frame has too much flex and the trucks are not wide enough + any grinding damages the plate/hangers and removes the unlimitted waranty…..

Toward the coping and beyond!!!