Répondre à : Lazer platines & clicking sounds when jumping


OK, so your goal is to put down trucks inside of the pivot cups/pin seats to avoid any parasite movements and its consequences : clicking !

The easiest way is to play with king pin nuts on bushings axles :
– king pin nut sticked to the plate : tighen it if it has released a bit,
– king pin nut below bushings and above the last nut : put it down , sticked to the one on the plate (normally, the truck should be more inside your pin seat),
– lower bushing : ok,
– truck : ok,
– top bushing : ok,
– The kin pin nut on top : tighen till your bushings are correctly hold.

Sorry if I’m not clear but I can’t do better, even in frenc 😉

(also, you can put a little bit of grease inside of the pin seat to avoid the sound of metal against metal).