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    @personne wrote:

    Are your green bushing as tall as the stock lazer bushings ?

    Yes, they are exactly as tall as the yellow Lazer bushings the plates came with.

    @Xavier wrote:

    Stop everybody, parts are missing !

    😯 That really gave me a shock for a moment before I read on . . .
    @Xavier wrote:

    . . . this little « tube » (pin seat ?) is missing on your plates. So your truck is floating inside of the plate.

    No, they aren’t. The pivot cups/pin seats are right there in my plates. It’s just that I pushed them in a bit when I cleaned the plates for the photos, and that’s why they’re not visible in the pictures. They’re definitely there!! You can see the one at the back axle of the skate in my second picture if you look really hard.
    What got me a bit worried, though, is that they can be moved in and out a good 2 millimetres – I guess they should not move at all, right?

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    Thanks for your answers!!
    @abi wrote:

    But i had the same problem on my SER plates : the tip of the truck wasn’t exactly fit in the plate. May you could check for your pivot pin or stop eating chocolate all day long.. 😆

    abi, that seems to be exactly what’s wrong with my plate, the pivot pin is not completely in its cup. It moves out a bit when I tighten the trucks. How did you solve the problem with your SER plate?
    I’ve been wondering if I should tighten my trucks differently (from the bottom end, as it’s done with most other plates, e.g. Ser Elites and Roll-lines)? But then a bit of the kingpin would stick out where the small retaining screw is.
    Will it harm my plates if I leave them as they are?
    They look like this at the moment:

    As for cutting back on chocolate that’s not an option, I’m afraid 😉 , as I’d probably starve then.
    @personne wrote:

    I have the same problem with my Lazer : the pivot pin moves in his seat in the hanger. the seat of the pin has become wider. It comes from the bad quality of the material of the hanger.

    The best solution would be riding Dickers or Roll Line plates…

    Oh no, that sounds bad. I think my pin-seat cannot have become wider yet, though, as I have not used the plate for such a long time yet and I have always kept my trucks fairly tight ?! I hope it hasn’t anyway. Do your pivot cups and pin-seats get damaged from jumping or just ‘normal’ use as well?

    en réponse à : Lazer red bushings/gommes #266011

    Hi Nico,
    I’ve now installed new 93a Venom barrel cushions in my Lazer trucks – I know some people think it’s overkill, but I just liked them 🙂 . The people at drilled bigger centre holes in them for an additional € 5 and you can see how well they fit:

    right skate still with original Lazer cushions, left one with new Venoms:

    At the moment the new cushions feel super-soft to me compared to the yellow Lazers, but I haven’t really tried them out yet or adjusted the trucks.

    en réponse à : Lazer red bushings/gommes #266010

    Well, I would go for the black or yellow ones, actually, if I ordered them, as I had 94a bushings in my old skates and was quite happy with them. The purple ones would probably be too hard for me. And I am not afraid of any colour 😀 . It’ll be great to read how you get on with all sorts of Khiros, though.
    @Nico wrote:

    PS: I wonder how you can’t be unhappy with those plastic bushings. I feel so disappointed. 👿

    I can see what you mean. I was disappointed, too, when I unpacked my parcel from Hawaiisurf, because I hadn’t expected anything like that of a € 100 plate. The yellow bushings really feel like the plastic crap you get on toy skates or skateboards, and those definitely DO make axles break.
    When I posted a picture of the yellow bushing on the American forum, someone said they looked exactly like cushions he had used in his CAR 😯 lol.
    No, seriously, I don’t jump, and for slalom I need my axles to be fairly firm in order to learn to use my edges. I don’t think my trucks will break (or at least I hope they won’t), because I have the red bottom bushings. A lot of people on this forum skate this combination, and they’re probably heavier than me and do much crazier things with their skates.
    Actually I think your axles won’t break, either, because the soft yellow gums that you have at the bottom are supposed to be really great (I read that in some post on here).
    What kind of skating do you do on your Lazers?

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    Hi! @Nico wrote:

    Hi Nellie,

    The Labeda Pro-Line and Powerdyne Reactor cushions seam to have the right shape to fit into Lazer plates. But without any infos about the dimensions, I wouldn’t take te risk to buy a set. Have you got a picture of the plates you’re talking about in your post?

    Yes, my thoughts exactly 🙂 – especially as the American bushings are quite expensive already even without their usually monstrous shipping costs to Europe. Here are the plates/kingpins:


    @Nico wrote:

    The thing is that if the outer diameter is smaller you can change the whashers, but the contact area with the truck will be reduced and therefore not very good.

    The Khiro Barrel ones are, in my mind, the best that we can find till now.
    I’m going to buy two double barrel sets and have them drilled by myself.
    I’m not gonna change the bottom ones on my plates cause they are made of rubber and not hard plastic.
    If you already have red bottom bushings on your plates, I would suggest you to buy Khiro ones and let them get drilled if you can’t do it yourself.

    You also can wait until you get an aswer about the Labeda an Powerdyne ones or until I’ve made my own bushings custom so that you can get my feedback. It will probably be at the beginning of July.

    That’s exactly what I’ll do :). I’m not too unhappy with my bushings. I just wanted to try out what the plates would be like with slightly softer upper ones. Which ones, colour/hardness, are you going to get?

    @Nico wrote:

    Greg from also told me that the Khiro ones could be drilled and then would fit perfectly.

    I hope that it helped you.

    Definitely. Thanks!!

    en réponse à : Lazer red bushings/gommes #266005

    Hi Nico,
    I haven’t heard back from the rollerskating shop yet, but the people in the skateboard shop replied that these Khiro double barrel bushings would fit hight- and outer diameter-wise. They said that they could drill larger holes for € 5, so that our kingpins would fit in, too.
    On the American forum someone suggested that either these or these might fit, but no-one has measured them and given me their dimensions yet. I’m not sure they’d fit, because the kingpins on those plates look different.
    What do you think?
    Oh, sorry, you already knew that – I should have read your French thread first 😳 . I’ve also asked about Venoms, by the way, at 😉

    en réponse à : Dimensions des gommes #265993

    Good idea!! I had just measured my own Lazer bushings when I saw your topic.
    regular quad bushings (
    Hauteur du cylindre: 14mm (purple)
    Diamètre du cylindre: 25mm
    Diamètre du canal central: 10mm (same for Doh-Dohs and Thunder skateboard bushings – they’re on my other skates, so I can’t measure their height and outer diametre right now)

    The kateskates ones don’t fit on Lazers – I just tried.

    I’ve also asked two online shops here – a longboard and a rollerskates shop – and will let you know what their answers are when I get them.

    en réponse à : Lazer red bushings/gommes #266003

    Thanks a lot for your quick replies!!
    @ Xavier: at the moment only the lower (small) bushing is available in both colours.
    @ personne: yes, I had seen both threads, but have not understood everything perfectly: Did I get it right that Nico has already asked Hawaii Surf about the red upper bushings?
    I haven’t asked Hawaii Surf directly yet, because so far they’ve never answered any of my e-mails, no matter if I wrote in English or had somebody help me to ask in French. They also disregarded my request that I sent with my order :?.
    When did you buy yours?

    en réponse à : Vos paires de rollo… #252156

    Chaussons: Nike Team Hustle (avec semelles ‘Shoe Goo’ 🙂 )
    Platine: Playmaker (UK) 140mm, Kates Skates gommes
    Roulement: Enuff Abec 9 ou Enuff Black
    Roues: Sure-Grip Motion 65mm, 78a ou Kryptonics Route 62mm 78a

    en réponse à : Basketball boots #265537

    France has Allstargum, the same as Shoe Goo, allegedly, but without poisonous solvents. I’m quite surprised that we get Shoe Goo in Germany, seeing as we’re such a health conscious bunch 😉 . Yet, as I suspected it might not be the real stuff, I bought mine on eBay UK (it was also cheaper, even with the postage).
    edited to add:
    @Nico wrote:

    About making holes in Phylon soles, I think that the best way to do them is to use a very hot screwdriver. It will melt the rubber a make really nice holes.

    Good idea!!

    en réponse à : Basketball boots #265535

    I found out that glueing the soles to my aluminium plates would not really work, so I’m just going to do a regular screw mount again.
    However I filled all the holes with Shoe Goo yesterday, using a complete 3.7 oz tube, and leaving a small space for screws in the holes I’m still going to use.

    This seems to have made the soles harder and more stable, so I think I’ll just screw mount without any extra plates inbetween and give it a try. I’ll let the glue cure for some more days before I do that, of course, and I’ll use different (very small) holes at the front.
    You can see here how much of the stuff (= Phylon) from inside the sole was missing before, how big some of the holes were.

    By the way: I do not really recommend buying shoes with Phylon soles to mount them on aluminum plates if you do not intend to put anything like a ‘Dural’ plate in between, simply because this material is very soft. However if you do, do NOT try to drill holes into them with an electric drill, do it by hand using just a nail and a screw like this

    en réponse à : Vos paires de rollo… #252140

    Chaussons: Bottine Risport RFR2
    Platine: Lazer T2
    Roulement: ~ Abec 5
    Roues: Sims Rink Snake 97a
    Gomme superieure: Venom 93a (modified)

    en réponse à : Rink hockey boots (for slalom)? #265740

    Ok, I’m going to answer my own question in case anyone else is interested:
    I’ve gone to a specialized quad shop and tried on some hockey boots. For me they seemed too wide to get good control for slalom, but it might be different for guys (with broader feet). They’re also heavier than artistic boots, but definitely more comfortable.

    en réponse à : slalom set-up? #264943

    I got my newly mounted slalom skates yesterday and I think they’re great 🙂 . Here they are:

    (still a bit insecure on my new skates :wink:)
    I had them mounted in a figure and rink hockey skating shop, and I was really lucky to get these boots. They are special roller skating boots, lower at the back, which aren’t usually available anymore. I only got them because the supplier didn’t have any black Risport Etoiles left in my size and offered these instead – for the price of Etoiles 😀 .
    Although they aren’t very hard as figure skating boots go (only a bit harder than Etoiles), they still seem like iron clamps to me at the moment – well, I reckon I’ll get used to that in a while.

    en réponse à : slalom set-up? #264942

    My new frames have arrived from Hawaiisurf:

    And after my 7mm bearings were delivered, I couldn’t resist putting wheels on the axles . . .

    . . despite the fact that I haven’t got any boots yet :).

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